Chipotle Mexican Grill

6395 S. McCarren Boulevard
Reno, NV 89509
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It takes more than great tasting food to make a terrific meal. It takes an awesome location and eating with fun, interesting people. Unfortunately we can’t make your friends any more interesting or fun. What we can do is carefully design each of our restaurants to create a unique dining experience fundamentally different than you would get with traditional fast food.



What Others Are Saying

3.5 Based on 65 reviews

Andrew H.
Okay, by now after reviewing more than a few Chipotles I realize I have a problem, that being said my enabler the Chipotle Corporation has been kind enough... Read More

Grace B.
Being in Reno for the weekend, we just doing think its realistic to always eat at the hotel. So we SOMETIMES go out to eat at places like Chipotle. This... Read More

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